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Works created during my internship with Helena Eisenhart, a brand that specializes in one-of-a-kind, sustainably made, up-cycled garments and accessories from vintage and dead stock fabrics and trims. Each piece is made in NYC.

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The Puff Jacket

The Puff Jacket is 100% up-cycled from vinyl, canvas, and nylon fabrics, and lined with 100% cotton shirting fabric. This piece has a zipper front closure and adjustable cuff with a strap and buckle.

For this garment, I was in charge of deconstructing original garments, which consisted of a rain coat, military jacket, and tent. I was also given the liberty of designing which fabrics were in each panel. This was a fun design challenge it was requested was to not have any panels touching the same fabric. In making these garments special attention to detail and organization and planning are key. 

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Patchwork 100% cotton graphic muscle tee shirt, size large only, one-of-a-kind piece.

For this garment, I was tasked with selecting which graphics were cut out and placed in the pattern pieces. As well as sewing the garment together. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 5.59.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 6.24.17 PM.png

Cut and Sew

One of the main aspects of this internship was assisting with Cut and Sew of many different fabrics and textures. This collection had fabrics ranging from leather to silk.

This aspect of the job is unlike any other brand. Due to the nature of how these garments are created from pre-existing thrifted clothing, dead stock, or upcycled fabrics from Fab Scrap.  The fabric pieces might also not be large enough for pattern pieces so you would have to patchwork fabric together to make larger pieces of fabric.


In the particular type of pattern cutting, there is a lot of design work done in the cutting process. Because you are cutting each piece out one at a time and usually color-blocking on fabrics that cannot be replicated.

E-com photography and website development

Alongside cutting and sewing, I was also assisting in photography, editing, and posting e-comm photos to the website. Editing in photoshop and illustrator. As well as writing descriptions, updating the website, and editing Google SEO for each item.

Take a look here.

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Items I cut, sewed, deconstructed original garments, or assisted with getting trims, hardware, snaps, or grommets in the garment district.

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