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How it started.

Ramsli started during the pandemic when founder Claire Ramsli Vastola designed and made The Dog Bag. After posting to social media there was a surge of interest and this began the path that eventually lead to creating RAMLSI. Ramsli is a small town located in Norway. This is also Claire's middle name and her grandmother's maiden name. Growing up there was not much Norwegian culture in the household so she decided to honor her grandmother by naming her brand after her side of the family.

Ramsli's aestetic ranges from beauty to bizzare. Melding fabrics together that usually have uncommon qualities and utilizing them in ways that aren't typically seen. Rmalsi is always inspired by the future and Sci-fi. There is a great appreciation for artists like H. R Giger, Hajime Soroyama and Zdzisław Beksiński. Besides fashion, Claire is a musician and spent most of her youth playing in punk bands. This is a crucial excellent to her already rule-breaking fabric application and unique design process. Her style has been quoted as "ethereal punk" where there is a softness to the otherwise normally rough exterior of the punk image. 


Ramsli hopes to bring more creativity and imagination to the world of fashion and to design an exciting universe and fashion-forward. Where she can combine her interests in fashion, art, mindfulness, technology, and music. We are extremely excited to be releasing our latest 2022 look book which will feature items to buy from Claire's senior thesis.



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