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Creativity and Self Love

As a designer and creator, there can be many moments of highs and lows. At our lows, we can really feel defeated and feel like it is blocking our creativity. These affirmations are here to remind you that you are a powerful, energetic, expressive, and unique individual.

Creativity and Self Love

These affirmations are inspired by life experiences and feelings of the designer behind Ramsli. As a self-practice, in moments of lows, Ramsli created a list of positive affirmations to combat the negative thoughts that were coming into mind with these positive affirmations in real-time. They have been recorded for the use of anyone who needs them at this time and can be purchased to download.

For best results please listen with headphones and in a relaxed state or when falling asleep.

Best of luck


Affirmations in the recording.

  1. I am at peace with myself.

  2. I am a valuable human being.

  3. I am enough.

  4. I appreciate who I am.

  5. I value myself as a person.

  6. My future is bright.

  7. I deserve to relax.

  8. I deserve to be happy.

  9. I embrace my happiness.

  10. I enjoy the present moment.

  11. My future is positive. 

  12. I give myself grace.

  13. I deserve to be loved, happy, and enjoy my life.

  14. I am grateful for my past, happy with my present, and looking forward to my future.

  15. I’m a good person, and I deserve to take some time off to relax.

  16. I am surrounded by people I love, and they love me back.

  17. I am grateful for my body, and I like how it looks.

  18. I am not obligated to agree with everything others ask me to do.

  19. I am a good person, and I don’t need to prove it to anyone.

  20. I am a great friend, and my friends know it.

  21. I am beautiful, with all my unique traits, regardless of someone else’s opinion.

  22. I deserve to feel pleasure in life.

  23. I am at peace with my past failures and mistakes.

  24. I am enough, and I don’t need to change.

  25. I am capable of great things and have the strength, resources, and skills to achieve my goals.

  26. I am comfortable in my own body and mind.

  27. I accept myself and everyone around me.

  28. I become a better person every day.

  29. I never stop learning: from my own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

  30. I am intelligent and fun, and people like talking to me.

  31. I am loved unconditionally.

  32. I forgive myself and others for hurting me.

  33. I forgive myself.

  34. I contribute wonderful things to this world, even if they are small.

  35. I strive to do my best every day, and that’s enough.

  36. I love myself more each day.

  37. I am my best friend.

  38. My opinion is important, and people genuinely care about it.

  39. I am unstoppable in achieving my goals.

  40. I am worthy, and my worth isn’t affected by someone else’s opinion.

  41. I am beautiful the way I am, and I don’t have to compare myself to anyone.

  42. Every day, I am getting closer to my dreams.

  43. I am unique the way I am, and I don’t need to act like someone else to impress people.

  44. I am strong and can stand up for myself

  45. I am creative, and I have unique ideas. My work deserves recognition.

  46. I am grateful to nature for my beauty, intelligence, and talents.

  47. I am one-of-a-kind, and no one can replace me.

  48. I deserve to prioritize myself over anyone else.

  49. My past actions don’t define me today, and I can change my future.

  50. I am powerful enough to achieve my goals, and I don’t have to beat myself up to work hard.

  51. I can deal with any situation.

  52. I can take space when I need it.

  53. You are allowed to take what you need.

  54. I don’t regret my past actions, I accept them as a lesson.

  55. I am successful, and my success is defined by my progress, not just the result.

  56. I am allowed to make mistakes.

  57. I am allowed to be wrong.

  58. I am allowed to feel the way I feel.

  59. I can set boundaries, and I don’t have to come up with excuses.

  60. I can make this world better.

  61. My success depends on my effort, not solely on my natural talent.

  62. I don’t feel ashamed about my unique traits.

  63. My mind is a friend to my body, not a bully.

  64. I live my life right now, and I don’t have to wait until I reach my goal to enjoy it.

  65. My wishes and needs matter and I will fulfill them without guilt.

  66. I am happy with the person I am, and I don’t regret any stage of my development.

  67. I deserve to care for myself.

  68. I am listening to my body, and I give it what it needs.

  69. I accept my weaknesses and fears, and I am capable of fighting them.

  70. I can try new things, and I don’t have to get the best results every time.

  71. I am allowed to change and grow.

  72. I am allowed to learn new things.

  73. I'm allowed to change clothing styles.

  74. I am following the right path in life.

  75. I approve of myself

  76. My mistakes don’t make me a bad person.

  77. The only limits I have are the ones I set for myself.

  78. I am talented with great creativity and intelligence.

  79. My ideas are innovative and useful.

  80. I am creative and have the will to take advantage of my talents.

  81. Creativity flows through each cell in my body.

  82.  I am an artist.

  83. My brain is special.

  84. I always develop new ways to do things.

  85. Genius solutions come to me daily.

  86. I see new, innovative opportunities around me.

  87. New original ideas come to me freely and easily.

  88. I love to express myself creatively.

  89. I feel creative and inspired at work.

  90. I am an innovator. My ideas are inspiring.

  91. I follow my creative inclinations.

  92. I am incredibly creative and imaginative.

  93. I am a source of inventiveness.

  94. I will easily come up with new ideas.

  95. I find innovative solutions to problems.

  96. I always have lots of unique ideas to solve problems.

  97. I practice my imagination at every opportunity.

  98. I love the freedom that creative thinking gives me.

  99. Innovative ideas come to me on a daily basis.

  100. I am a creative problem solver.

  101. My natural creativity shines through everything I do.

  102. I find innovative solutions for all the difficulties in my life.

  103. Genius ideas come easy to me.

  104. I am very ingenious and inventive.

  105. I can enter into a creative state of mind whenever I want to.

  106. I will always come up with new ideas.

  107. My ideas become better and better.

  108. My creative problem-solving helps me in my work.

  109. I have an abundance of creative energy.

  110. I am a visionary.

  111. My imagination always gives me new inspirational ideas.

  112. I am full of endless creative energy.

  113. I have an adventurous, imaginative mind.

  114. I create new masterpieces every day.

  115. New thinking comes easy to me.

  116. I always think of new, original ways to do things.

  117. I express my unique creativity in everything I do.

  118. My ideas are imaginative and useful.

  119. I have easy to come up with new and fresh ideas.

  120. I am a magnet for innovative ideas.

  121. Being creative is one of my great pleasures in life.

  122. Everything I create is inventive and unique.

  123. Every day I let my imagination float to new heights.

  124. I am incredibly creative and inspired.

  125. I love playing with new ideas.

  126. Original ideas come to me all the time.

  127. I am constantly developing new, innovative ideas.

  128. I am a creative genius.

  129. I love thinking outside the box.

  130. I love the feeling of being creative.

  131. I allow my creative energy to flow freely in all modes.

  132. I practice new thinking at all times.

  133. I can always count on my imagination for inspirational ideas.

  134. I always go where my inspiration leads me.

  135. I am imaginative and creative in everything I do.

  136. Creative energy flows through me all the time.

  137. I am an unlimited creative creature.

  138. I have a fantastic imagination.

  139. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken

  140. I am a doing the best I can

  141. I am exactly where I should be

  142. I am kind to myself

  143. I am my best friend

  144. No one is like me

  145. I am unique

Creativity and Self LoveRamsli
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