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Postive Affrimations

What are postive affrimations?

Positive affirmations are positive phrases and statements that are repeated to help challenge negative thoughts and encourage positive changes in your life.

Medical journal here!

How do I use them?

Practicing positive affirmations is very simple. The easiest way is to repeat a phrase over and over. This can be done with the challenging negative thought that arises you mentally or vocally state your replacing positive affirmation.

How to use our affirmations.

Inspired by specific real-life experiences, there is an array of specific affirmations based on the challenges you experience. Our affirmations are recorded over binaural beasts so it is best to listen with headphones in a relaxed state or while going to bed.

Binaural Beats

Our affirmations are recorded over binaural beats. Binaural beats are when the ears hear two slightly different tones in each ear, the brain creates what is called an auditory illusion. Which is essentially the creation of a third new tone. These beats have been known to enhance mood, decrease anxiety, create a state of relaxation, and even help with sleep and creativity. Medical journal here!

Sleeping with Affirmations.

Electrical activity occurring in the brain is portrayed as a form of brainwaves. There are four types of these brainwaves, from most active to the least active. 

The type of brain state we want to be in when listening to affirmations is the theta state. This is the state where there is the lowest amount of activity. Can you recall when you're doing a task that has become automatic such as driving that you "zone out". That is the theta brain state and it is a typically relaxing and positive state to be in.

This is the ideal brain state to be in while listening to positive affirmations, the conscious mind is at rest and the subconscious mind is activated. Because your conscious mind is turned off your subconscious mind is able to freely accept the affirmations and begins to believe them as real.

So if your trying to move past deep low worth or negative thought patterns this is where you can really begin to see positive changes in your mental awareness


When you should seek help.

Although positive affirmations are great tools. It is in no way a replacement for psychiatric medicine or therapy with a licensed parctioner.

These affirmations are designed to help you in moments where you need extra reinforcement and a reminder that you are a unique and creative person. Great for artists' block or those who need a little creative boost!


For when you need a pick-up after feeling rejected, lost or confused. Help remind you that you are worthy and powerful. 

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